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Community Appreciation Program

Community Appreciation Program

Expires as indicated on Card

  • Card must be presented to recieve offers.
  • These offers are valid for new clients only.
  • If you wish to upgrade your service you may do so when booking your appointment.
  • Appointments are based on availability.
  • Maximum of one complimentary service per day. One card per person.
  • For each service a 20% gratuity (of the service actual cost) is required.
  • Services are as stated on your card and may not br substituted.
  • Offers on this card can not be combined with any other discount, promotion, or coupon.

 Body Care

Complimentary 30 min.                                      $6.00 required gratuity

                                                                          $6.00 total

Upgrade to a 60 min. massage for $20.00         $12.00 required gratuity

                                                                       $32.00 total

                     Add Hot Stones for $10.00

                                                                                                         $42.00  total                                                           

Body Care

       Three- 50% off  a 60 min. for $30.00          $12.00 required gratuity

                                                                       $42.00 total 

                    Add Hot Stones for $10.00

                                                                       $52.00 total

Body Care Bonus!

50% off a Full Body Salt or Sugar Scrub 

                                            for $32.50            $13.00 required gratuity

                                                                        $45.50 total


Detox Wrap Bonus!

50% off an Inch-Loss Detrox Wrap

                                            for $42.50           $17.00 required gratuity

                                                                      $59.50 total

Add a spot-specific slimming wrap

                            (per area) for $20.00

                                                                      $79.50 total                                         


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